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As we all get older with age, so do our garage doors and as we would take care of ourselves and maintain other items around the house, we should with our garage doors too. It’s crucial to look after your garage doors and have the right qualified team to assist you with any repairs, servicing or replacements if that’s what is needed. 

At Elite Garage Repairs, we have the many years of experience matched with the level of skill to ensure your garage door is taken care of with the highest standard if you’ve been experiencing any troubles with it.

Our Services Include:


Servicing and Maintenance

 Chelmer Garage Door Repairs

Emergency Repairs & Support

Broken Spring Replacement

Complete Garage Door Replacement

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Garage Door Not Working?

If you’ve noticed your garage door isn’t closing or opening properly or isn’t operating as smoothly as it used to, get in touch with the professionals today to make sure it’s looked after with the best of care.

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With our helpful customer service and quality assurance, we make sure the experience is as smooth and stress free as possible, whether it be a garage door repair, service and maintenance, broken spring replacement, emergency repair or full garage door replacement; that you require.

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Depending on the type of door, springs are usually the first part to start ageing and if left unattended, can cause stress on the motor and lead to further damage long term. That’s why it’s best to get professional assistance with your garage door as soon as it starts showing symptoms. 

Always Here to Help


From tilt, roller or panel garage doors, our experts are able to take care of all repairs on all makes and models. We do recommend regular servicing and maintenance to keep your garage door in the best shape possible too so call us on (07) 3172 5999 to be in touch!

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