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As debris and grime builds up, your garage door is inevitably going to face some faults. Roller or motorised doors can be more pain-staking to fix and oftentimes the remedy is beyond a simple DIY repair. This is where Elite Garage Doors comes in. There are a lot of components to a garage door and if any of them are damaged or faulty it can cause further damages throughout the entire structure. If you’ve noticed that your garage door is having trouble closing, is bending or is simply not working; don’t hesitate to call the professionals. From the second you get in touch with us to the moment we lay our final touches, you can expect nothing short of superior customer service.

Our Garage Door Services Include

Servicing and Maintenance

Garage Door Repairs in Hamilton

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Broken Spring Replacement

Complete Garage Door Replacement

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Panel/Sectional Doors

No two doors are the same and sometimes remedies are harder to find than others. Typically, panel or sectional doors need repairs for a broken spring, broken cable, broken lock, broken hinge or if it’s simply not opening and closing properly. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact our handymen. 

Roller Doors

If your roller door isn’t locking properly, is screeching when it’s closing or ‘balling out’ at the top, it’s beyond a simple DIY remedy. Our contractors have a keen eye for diagnosing issues and a proficiency for finding a way to solve them. Whether it’s motorised or not, we’ll be able to help get restore your garage door to it’s former condition.

Tilt Doors

The main causes of repairs for tilt doors are broken spring , loose jamb and broken cables. These can be difficult to replace, but we have the necessary equipment to streamline the process. To get it sorted with minimal disturbance to you and your neighbours, give us a call.

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