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As dirt and debris builds up, it can interfere with the components of a garage door that assist it in opening and closing smoothly. If your garage door is having trouble shutting, is screeching when it’s opening and closing or is showing any other signs of wear & tear, getting it sorted early is the best way to ensure there won’t be problems further in the future. However, it’s more commonly the case that people are slow to act, leading to further damages. Cable, spring and hinge replacements are beyond a simple DIY repair and require a professionals touch due to the complexity of the job. If you’re in need of garage door repairs in Springwood, contact Elite Garage Repairs today and we’ll help return your garage door to it’s former condition.

All Types of Repairs

While garage doors may seem like a pretty simple piece of technology, there are actually a lot of moving parts. With lots of moving parts comes the potential for problems, but luckily, we can get them fixed for you quickly. From burned-out motors to broken spring replacement, we’re the experts you can count on for all types of garage door repairs. Whether your garage door is motorised or manual, we can locate your problems and offer an affordable, effective solution to get things working perfectly again.

Ongoing Maintenance and Servicing

Most garage doors, especially motorised ones, benefit greatly from regular servicing and maintenance. Much like anything, providing some regular TLC may prevent inconvenient and extremely costly repairs in future. Although it may seem like an expense now, preventative maintenance or minor repairs can actually save you a lot of money in the future.

Garage Door Replacement

In some cases, old garage doors simply need replacing. Whether it’s a motor that can’t be repaired or too much damage to the tracks, it’s often cheaper to buy a new door rather than constantly pump money into an old one with frequent problems. If you decide it’s time to upgrade your garage door, we’ve got you covered.

 Our team provides expert knowledge to help you make the right choice for now and into the future. We can get your space measured up and source the perfect garage doors for you. With a full Springwood garage door installation service, you can be confident that your door is installed properly every time.

Emergency Repairs

If you’ve got a faulty garage door, it can make for a seriously bad start to the day. Unable to get your car out, late for work, kids late for school – it becomes a nightmare. This can also be true if you’re somehow locked out of your garage at the end of the day. We understand that garage door problems don’t always choose a convenient time of day, so we’re available for emergency repairs.

Reliable Service Every Time

If we say we’ll be there at a certain time, we’ll be there. If something unforeseen happens to prevent that, we’ll stay in contact. We pride ourselves on providing reliable service to our customers, and we ensure you remain at the center of everything we do.  

To keep your garage door running smoothly so you can enjoy it for years to come, contact the team at Elite Garage Repairs today for all your garage door maintenance needs in Springwood.

Our Garage Door Services Include

Servicing and Maintenance

Garage Door Repairs

Emergency Repairs & Support

Broken Spring Replacement

Complete Garage Door Replacement

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Panel/Sectional Doors

Panel and sectional doors can be particularly difficult to fix if they have broken springs, cables or door locks. Additionally, if they have broken hinges finding the necessary replacements can be difficult with varying makes and models. Our contractors at Elite Garage Repairs have a keen eye for diagnosing issues and an expertise in rectifying them.

Roller Doors

Motorised roller doors are difficult to fix because they have a heightened complexity with electrical circuitry. In any case, we’ve had years of experience and we’ve handled most types of makes and models. Thankfully, this means that we’re able to streamline the process and offer Springwood garage door repairs with as little disruption to your neighbours and your family as possible.

Tilt Doors


Should you need assistance with tilt doors, we can help. The most commonly diagnosed issues are broken springs, broken cables and broken jambs. Fortunately, when it comes to fixing tilt doors we’ve had years of experience in Brisbane and Ipswich regions. There aren’t many models we haven’t serviced before.

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Why Is Garage Door Servicing Important

Even the highest quality components wear over time. Just like the human body, when one part of your garage door wears down, others have to pick up the slack. Commonly, it’s the door’s spring that ages first, putting increased stress on your motor. Ignoring this issue can lead to even bigger issues that require high repair costs.

Contact us for a proper Brisbane garage door service to get things back up and running. Regular servicing can prevent premature wear and maximise your door’s lifespan.

What Do We Repair?

We repair all makes and models. Whether you need roller door repairs in Brisbane or a simple diagnosis, we’re here to help. We’ll work through your available options to help uncover the most cost-effective solution for your budget when you get in touch.

We give our full attention to every project and take pride in our quality workmanship. Our dedication to meeting customer expectations for every job is second to none. So if you require any kind of Brisbane garage door servicing, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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