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Garage doors seem straightforward, smoothly moving up and down daily without any trouble until unexpected issues arise. When your garage door motor suddenly malfunctions, seek assistance from a professional technician. Regular servicing and maintenance of electronic garage roller doors is a cost-effective way to extend their lifespan. And yet, many owners neglect it, leading to catastrophic failures and expensive repair bills.

Why Servicing Is Important

With many moving parts, the door experiences wear and tear each time it operates. Springs lose tension, lubrication erodes, and grime accumulates, leading to potential damage. Motor burnout is a common issue caused by the spring’s increased stress. Remember, the motor aids the lifting, but the spring does the heavy work. By opting for regular servicing and garage door maintenance in Brisbane, you can prevent premature wear and ensure your motor doesn’t need early replacement.

What’s Included In A Service?

Every service includes a thorough review of the operation and condition of your garage door. We’ll go through each component and tests its strength, replacing worn parts to ensure optimal operation of your door. Below is a list of common items covered for various garage door types.

Lubrication, maintenance and alignment check.
Check lifting cable for fraying or signs of corrosion.
Door spring tensioning &balancing.
Door fixings &structure secured.
Component wear & tear and replacement.
Replacement of aged motor electronics and parts.
Garage opener servicing &lubrication.
Coding of new or existing remote.
Replacement tracks and brackets.
Replacement of weather seals, cables and springs.

At Elite Garage Repairs, we offer two of our top services for garage door maintenance and longevity:

  • Garage door motor repairs – Save yourself from costly replacements that could have been easily fixed with repairs. We offer garage door motor repairs in Brisbane with our comprehensive stock of serviceable parts for all types of garage
  • Garage door motor replacement – The only reason to replace your motor is if it can no longer be saved by repairs. Do not risk the safety and functionality of your garage door any further. We are garage door motor replacement specialists in Brisbane ready to you make your door as good as new.

Don’t wait until something goes wrong with your garage door to fix it. With regular servicing and maintenance, you can avoid costly replacements and keep your door operating efficiently. Contact Elite Garage Repairs and one of our qualified tradesmen will be happy to assist you. Call us Now!(07) 3172 5999  

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We service and repair all makes and models of garage doors but rely on Merlin products to get the job done. As the leading brand in the field, you can trust in the longevity and reliability of our product line.

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Why Is Garage Door Servicing Important?

Even the highest quality components are susceptible to wear and tear over time. Similar to the human body, when one part of your garage door begins to wear down, it puts added strain on other components. Commonly, the door’s spring ages first, which can lead to increased stress on your garage door motor. Ignoring this issue may result in even more significant repairs that could be costly.

To avoid such complications and prolong your garage door’s lifespan, it’s crucial to address these issues promptly. You can rely on our garage door maintenance service in Brisbane to provide free quotes and proper garage door service to get things back up and running.

What Do We Repair?

We specialise in repairing remote controls and servicing all garage door makes and models. Whether you need roller door repairs or a simple diagnosis, we’re your go-to team for professional assistance. We’ll work through your available garage door repair options to help uncover the most cost-effective Brisbane garage door repair solution for your budget when you get in touch.

We treat every garage door service project with utmost care and attention, taking pride in our quality workmanship and professional services. Our dedication to meeting customer expectations for every garage door repair job is second to none. So if you require free quotes or any kind of garage door servicing, including maintenance for electronic garage roller doors in Brisbane, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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